Sharon Smith - Training Over Fifty


I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped.

Approaching 45 I noticed that I did not have the energy I needed to get through my day or play a full round of golf on the weekend.  My pants were getting a little harder to fit around my waist.  I didn’t want to admit
that I would have to go up a size.  I enlisted Sharon to help me with my growing problem of weight gain and loss of energy.  In the year that I worked with her, I saw a transformation for the better in both my weight and my energy level.  I dropped over 15 lbs and my shirts fit a little tighter in the shoulders and arms.  I had energy to go white water rafting with my boys and canoeing for hours without feeling too sore or tired.  My golf game improved and my handicap reduced, though my short game was a little more challenging since I had become stronger in my swing.  She helped me with better food choices that supported my training and helped me lose body fat and gain some muscle.  I feel better now than I have for a long time and with her knowledge and information I am now leading a healthier lifestyle.

Greg Kintzele


I have used trainers in the past because I never was able to keep motivated to train myself even though I knew I needed to put out that effort to feel better.  As a busy professional I had to find time to focus on my health.  I really wasn’t concerned about the way I looked as much as the way I felt.  It was hard to get myself through a busy day at work and then find energy to enjoy my weekend.  I came to Sharon to help me improve my energy level and learn about healthy food choices.  I was very happy with the fact that she was close to my age and understood the needs of women in their 50’s.  We are not looking to necessarily develope a more youthful body though that can be a result of the effort, but to feel
better in our daily lives and have more energy to do the things we enjoy.  I trained with Sharon for over 5 months until I was transferred to another part of the country for work.  In that time I lost some weight, and some inches, but more important to me was that I felt stronger and more empowered to
get through my work day and enjoy my leisure time.  Because of the gain in my strength and the
healthier food choices I made, I was feeling much better.  I took this new knowledge with me to my new
location and continue to use the information Sharon has shared with me.  What I learned were lifestyle changes that have become invaluable for me to maintain health and vitality as we age.

Jamie Morrison